Kel (jaguar83) wrote in cordy_stillness,

New challenge: Halloween

absentego, I hope you don't mind me setting a new challenge? I'm bored. :D

Anyway, this week's challenge is based on the S2 Buffy episode Halloween. You may make up to THREE icons, one for the base, one for the cap and one for the special challenge. Icons must conform to LJ standards (100x100 and 40kb or under) and must not be animated. Please enter your icons in a comment to this post- comments are screened. This challenge will end NEXT Friday (that's not this coming Friday but the one after).

Base: Image hosted by

Cap: Image hosted by

Special challenge: this episode is great for Cordelia pictures, so make an icon from this episode (remember, Buffy S2 ep6 Halloween) featuring Cordelia. If you need pictures, the freezeframe is located here.

Good luck!

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